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General Surveying & Platting Services

general surveying services

Types of Survey Services 

Boundary Surveys 

Perhaps the most important service provided by the professional land surveyor is the boundary survey. A properly executed boundary survey is the basis for every successful development or land transaction, as it will relate the calls in the subject deed to the monumentation and evidence found on the ground. The survey will also disclose possible discrepancies and negative impacts to the title. A thorough boundary survey should always serve as the basis for any successful project.
Depending on the type of certificate needed on a boundary survey, the survey could also be referred to as a Title Survey, ALTA/ACSM Survey, Category 1A Survey, Tree Survey, or an As-Built Survey.


A Topographic Survey is required for determination of the relief of the terrain and to locate natural and cultural features on it. Spot elevation is taken on the property on a specific grid interval and is used as the basis for the engineering design of a Drainage Plan for the proposed development. Elevations and locations of adjacent roadways, paving and structures are also obtained during this type of survey, At least, one benchmark is set on site for future construction usually referenced to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 unless otherwise specified. If requested, we can also generate contours on the survey at a specified contour interval that provides a graphical depiction of how an existing grade is draining.
We can also locate visible utilities (storm, sanitary, water, gas, power, etc.) at this juncture of the survey that will aid in the civil utility design of the proposed development.

Platting Services

Platting Services are generally needed when someone is changing the legal description of a piece of land by splitting or dividing the land into a different configuration or when combining existing lots to make a larger lot for the purpose of building development.

Platting Process
Platting is often a requirement of state and local law. It is a process that is required, with some exceptions, when a property lying within the jurisdiction of a municipality, county, or drainage district is proposed to be divided into two or more parcels. We maintain a file of the various platting requirements and procedures for many of the jurisdictions in and around the Greater Houston Area. Each municipality can be somewhat different from the next, with varying requirements that are periodically updated and revised. The platting process is important, as it ensures that proposed developments meet all governmental requirements. Many of the issues that are addressed within the platting process include road and property layout, easement dedications for proposed utility extensions, problems posed by existing pipelines that must be addressed and the resolution of complex drainage issues that sometimes arise when developing in very flat areas or within the floodplain. The platting process can be quite time-consuming, depending upon the complexity of your development, as the surveyor is required to make multiple submittals (Preliminary and Final) of the plat, along with all of the associated forms and checklists, and to address the variety of comments that are received from various departmental officials for each submittal. The surveyor is also responsible for representing the landowner at all of the public hearings that will be required by the governing authority.

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